033: October Remixed & Alex Milani

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October Remixed & Alex Milani

This week in the EDM Hour, I present a remix comprising some of the best tracks released in October: some that I’ve played previously in October, and some that I just couldn’t get to before now.  Set 1 focuses on a variety of genres, and Set 2 focuses entirely on Bonzai’s Big Dump of Trance re-releases.

October Remixed & Alex Milani

Alex Milani, of Verona, Italy

Then, DJ Mongo Presents Alex Milani of Verona, Italy and his Halloween Dance Party, Italian Style.








Part 1: The EDM Hour: October Remixed

October Remixed is presented in two sets.  Set 1 is new material spanning several genres.  Set 2 revisits Bonzai’s Big Dump of Trance Remixes.

Set 1: Chill Out, Progressive House, Deep House, Breaks

There was so much great music that was released this month that when I went back to choose the best tracks, I found there were some I had featured on the show, and some that I just hadn’t been able to fit in.  It’s tough to cover both categories satisfactorily in a half-hour set, but I tried to justice to the aspiration.

Last Rays Of SunAlter NatureEmerald BaySpin Twist RecordsChill Out107201508:23
Paper PlanesAudio NoirArtificial StarBonzai ProgressiveBreaks105201504:35
Tulgey TalesBlufeldA World Less OrdinaryBonzai ProgressiveChill Out105201503:54
Self-Control Andrew MichaelSelf-ControlBonzai ProgressiveProgressive House123201510:09
Walk In The Moment (Edu Imbernon & Affkt Remix)Unders, RavelliWalk In The Moment EPSincopatDeep House123201509:12

Set 2: The Bonzai Big Dump: Trance

I’ve been talking about Bonzai’s Big Dump of Trance re-releases just about the entire month so far, but I was only able to present a relatively small sampling in prior episodes.  I knew this week I needed to dig deeper.  Here you’ll find some of the finest tracks from Bonzai’s Big Dump.

RevolveDharmalogyBack To 315Bonzai ProgressiveProgressive House125201508:21
People Just Don't Care (Original Mix)AirwavePeople Just Don't CareBonzai ClassicsTrance 130201509:03
Sunday Break (Original Mix)AirwaveSunday BreakBonzai ClassicsTrance130201507:28
Come Alive (Original Mix)AntidoteCome AliveBonzai ClassicsTrance130201508:46
Pekingese (Original Mix)UrielPekingese Bonzai Back CatalogTrance130201508:34

Part 2: DJ Mongo Presents: Alex Milani’s Halloween Dance Party

October Remixed & Alex Milani

Alex Milani, of Verona, Italy

Alex Milani is a DJ, Producer, and Sound Designer from Verona, Italy.  In this episode, he delivers a Halloween Dance Party, Italian Style!

Alex is on the web at alexmilani.com.

He’s on Soundcloud at /alex-milani

On Twitter he’s @deejayAlexM

And he’s on Facebook too.

Check out his prior appearances in Mongoland too.


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