069: Paul2Paul, Enrico Sangiulliano, Matthias Springer

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Paul2Paul; Enrico Sangiulliano, Matthias Springer.

Paul2Paul; Enrico Sangiulliano; Matthias Springer

Paul2Paul: Illusion Of The Sound

Paul2Paul; Enrico Sangiulliano; Matthias Springer

Enrico Sangiulliano: Moon Rocks

Paul2Paul; Enrico Sangiulliano; Matthias Springer

Matthias Springer: Purple Butterfly














Set 1: Paul2Paul

This set features the first of two tracks from one of three featured artists: Paul2Paul; Enrico Sangiulliano; Matthias Springer.  This one is by Paul2Paul, and is a Deep House track entitled, “Behind The Sadness.”  The set begins with a Drum & Bass cut out on Hospital Records, and finishes with an intense track from City Life‘s compilation, Garden of Dreams, Vol. 15, Sophisticated Deep House Music – a series of compilations well worth investigation.

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
Stress & StrainOwnglowA Walk to RememberHospital RecordsDrum & Bass087201604:13
Buya (feat. Toshi)Black Coffee, ToshiBuyaGet Physical MusicHouse125201608:35
Behind the SadnessPaul2PaulIllusion of the SoundLowplay SoundDeep House120201606:45
Your SecretKotelett, ZadakFull Body Workout EP 1Get Physical MusicTech House123201607:18
Vision BoardGundameaGarden of Dreams, Vol. 15 - Sophisticated Deep House MusicCity LifeTrance122201610:35

Set 2: Enrico Sangiulliano

Set 2 features the first of two tracks from the second of my featured artists, that being Enrico Sangiulliano.  From his release entitled, Moon Rocks, the set begins with an intense and genius Techno track entitled, “Dutch Kiss (Inner Mix).”

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
Dutch Kiss (Inner Mix)Enrico SangiullianoMoon RocksDrumcodeTechno094201607:53
Six DaysAndré SobotaBlack Hole House Music 08-16Black Hole RecordingsProgressive House126201606:39
Peter Pan Syndrome (Saite Zwei Remix)SteppkeUmgangstöne, Vol. 9BudenzauberTech House126201605:39
MandalaMathovMandalaJoof AuraProgressive House122201607:31
The EndingEddie Murray, RoscoBlack Hole House Music 08-16Black Hole RecordingsDeep House125201606:51

Set 3: Paul2Paul; Enrico Sangiulliano; Matthias Springer

Set 3 features tracks from each of the show’s featured artists.  Appearing first is the first of two tracks from the third and so far unrepresented artist, Matthias Springer.  From his release entitled, Purple Butterfly, we hear the Tech House track, “Yellow Butterfly (Remastered)” in the No. 2 slot of the set.  That flows into the second of the two Paul2Paul tracks, this one being the Deep House title track from the new release, Illusion Of The Sound.  Finally, the set closes with the second of two tracks from Enrico Sangiulliano‘s Moon Rocks, a Techno track entitled, “Ghettoblaster.”

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
Holdin OnLioDeep Into The Vibe, Vol. 5City LifeDeep House122201606:28
Yellow Butterfly (Remastered)Matthias SpringerPurple ButterflyzerO413Tech House120201606:57
Illusion of the Sound (Original Mix)Paul2PaulIllusion of the SoundLowplay SoundDeep House120201606:59
Lucky Lead (Mike Ravelli & Gabriel I Fighting the Peyote Mix)Cristian R, Kasall, Mike Ravelli, Gabriel ITenampa Summer Heat 2016Tenampa RecordingsTech House124201607:32
GhettoblasterEnrico SangiullianoMoon RocksDrumcodeTechno125201606:49

Set 4: Matthias Springer

In the closing set, I feature the second of two tracks from Matthias Springer‘s Purple Butterfly release.  This one is a Tech House track entitled, “Flight of the Monarch.”

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
Willow GrainConcord Dawn, Need For MirrorsWillow Grain / 808 MindstateFokuz RecordingsDrum & Bass087201605:37
IntegratorJohn TejadaLakewood DriveKompaktTechno125201605:43
VelvetMoneticDeep Value, Vol. 1 (Mixed by Markus Homm)Bondage MusicDeep House124201606:48
LologAlex UnderKompakt: Total 16KompaktDeep House118201606:31
Flight of the MonarchMatthias SpringerPurple ButterflyzerO413Tech House080201606:26
Subzero (Club Mix)Christian SmithExplanation / SubzeroTronicTechno120201605:00

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