068: Epic Intensity & Kompakt Total 16

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I’m calling this set Epic Intensity because, this set truly kicked my own ass as I was broadcasting it.  Speaking of which, this version is straight music, with no talking over by me.  I’ll probably post an addendum to this which will be the same set but with my voice-over.

The episode also nominally features several new releases, the most notable of which is Kompakt: Total 16.

Epic Intensity

Kompakt: Total 16







Set 1: Dub Set

This set is the nexus of Reggae and Tech House and Deep House.  The name of that nexus is Dub.  Quantic delivers roots reggae with the Flowering Inferno, and we find dub elements in just about every other track in the set, and it’s the dub that ties it all together.

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
Baila AfricaEthan MarinCool Cuts Ibiza 2016Go Deeva Light RecordsHouse122201608:53
Untitled Track 03 (Version 02)Chazz SeegerRelease 02FM DigitalDeep House, Reggae, Dub125201609:15
People PlayFrinkDeep Value Vol. 1 (Miced by Markus Homm)Bondage MusicDeep House, Dub123201606:54
1000 Watts (Instrumental)Quantic, Flowering Inferno1000 WattsTru ThoughtsReggae, Dub089201604:39
A Life Worth Living feat. U-Roy, Alice Russell (Amit Remix)Quantic, Flowering Inferno1000 WattsTru ThoughtsReggae, Dub086201604:24
Der Fischer und siene FruNils NilsonTanzwiese 020TretmuehleTech House, Reggae, Dub129201606:13

Set 2: Ash Walker, Alyne, Wassermann

I get so excited whenever I see a new release from Ash Walker, and so should you.  He fuses reggae, jazz and electronic music in a vital and creative way.  So Ash Walker bridges this set to the last one, even though the track is billed as Chill Out.  The rest of this set is dominated by Tech House, and closes with Wassermann’s Die Schallplatte (Video Mix), which, to my mind, is an instant classic.

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
GoblinsAsh WalkerThunderDeep HeadsChill Out110201604:13
NelaMorjaUmgangstöne, Vol. 9BudenzauberTech House124201606:35
Basement (Joey Beltram Remix)Cristial R, KasallTenampa Summer HEat 2016Tenampa RecordingsTech House124201607:01
Ni KuanzaAlyneNi Kuanza/VicissitudeParquet RecordingsTech House118201608:53
Sonntagsmadchen (Patrick Hofmann Remix)Marcus JahnZirkus Zirkus Vol. 14 - Elektronische TanzmusikCity LifeDeep House122201606:10
Die Schallplatte (Video Mix)WassermannKompakt: Total 16KompaktElectronica120201603:40

Set 3: Ownglow, Weval

Ownglow is out on Hospital Records.  As you should know, Hospital Records is the purveyor of a phenomenal brand of classy yet accessible drum & bass.  It’s a great track, and yet it’s the only Drum & Bass track in the episode.  Tech House mildly dominates the set, but we close with electronica from Weval – a track from Weval’s debut album that has made it to a Kompakt sampler.

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
Angels SingOwnglowA Walk To RememberHospital RecordingsDrum & Bass087201604:30
Attica (Rise and Fall Remix)Nico Parisi, Rise and FallAtticaBonzai ProgressiveProgressive House122201608:09
Jah RulesFranksen, Tom WaxTanzwiese 020TretmuehleTech House124201607:56
Deux (D-Nox & Beckers Summer Mix)Deux, D-Nox & BeckersThe Story So Far ... Vol. 1Great Stuff RecordingsTech House, Techno124201607:33
I Don't Need itWevalKompakt: Total 16KompaktElectronica119201605:46

Set 4: Epic Intensity (The Cities Set)

This final set defines epic intensity, from the opener by Rex The Dog, also from that Kompakt sampler, to Jamie Baggotts’ Cape Town, to the incredible Berliner by naturtalente.  With the closer, Still In Love by I Am Frost on the Umgangstöne compilation, it’s epic intensity all the way through.  And because the first three tracks all involve cities in their titles, I’m also calling this The Cities Set.

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
TeufelsbergRex The DogKompakt: Total 16KompaktTechno125201606:59
Cape TownJamie BaggottsCape TownBonzai ProgressiveBreaks128201608:59
BerlinernaturtalenteZirkus Zirkus Vol. 14 - Elektronische TanzmusikCity LifeDeep House123201603:21
Purple ButterflyMatthias SpringerPurple ButterflyzerO413Tech House128201607:18
Still In LoveI Am FrostUmgangstöne, Vol. 9BudenzauberTech House123201607:10

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