066: Melodica Electronica, Pezzner

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Melodica Electronica, Pezzner.  In this episode I feature the Budenzauber label’s Melodica Electronica, Vol. 1, as well as an interesting release from Pezzner, entitled Title Track.

Budenzauber’s Melodica Electronica Vol. 1

Title Track by Pezzner







Set 1: Pezzner & Solee

In this first set I present just one track from each of the featured releases.  Testing the waters, as it were.  But pay attention as well particularly to the Assol track by K.Oshkin.  There will be another version in a subsequent set.

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
Heartline (Club Version)PezznerTitle TrackGet Physical MusicElectronica112201604:03
Assol (Following Light Remix)K.Oshkin, Following LightAssolBonzai ProgressiveProgressive House125201607:34
Your SecretKotelett, ZadakGet Physical Presents: Full Body Workout - Best ofGet Physical MusicDeep House123201607:18
Still Here (Solee Club Re-Edit)SoleeMelodica Electronica Vol. 1BudenzauberElectronica123201608:44
Red IbisJibisDV1Bonzai ProgressiveTechno125201605:50

Set 2: Pezzner & Shiftkode

Two tracks this time from the Pezzner release, and from Melodica Electronica, the track is Moth Factory by Shiftkode, which opens the set.

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
Moth FactoryShiftkodeMelodica Electronica Vol. 1BudenzauberElectronica122201606:24
The Jackal (Club Version)PezznerTitle TrackGet Physical MusicDeep House123201604:42
OptoD'JamencyDV1Bonzai ProgressiveTechno128201606:40
AwayLuttrellAnjunadeep Explorations 02AnjunadeepHouse124201604:53
Love Train (Club Version)PezznerTitle TrackGet Physical MusicDeep House125201605:55
Ichuri (Steve Sai Remix)Steve Sai, Michael BerklinIchuriBonzai ProgressiveProgressive House125201607:41

Set 3: Melodica Electronica

Here the Budenzauber release takes over, with four tracks of the 7 in this set being from the Melodica Electronica release.  Wow.

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
CentaurusBlack BarrelSolar System EPFokuz RecordingsDrum & Bass110201605:24
Studiessy.icMelodica Electronica, Vol. 1BudenzauberChill Out140201603:27
GirlGacha BakradzeAnjunadeep Explorations 02AnjunadeepElectronica118201604:08
UndoneGareth BilaneyMelodica Electronica Vol. 1BudenzauberElectronica095201603:12
Arancio d'autumnoG.U.A.Bianco visoDimbiDeep MusicTechno120201609:20
White HorsesNicolas EllerMelodica Electronica Vol. 1BudenzauberElectronica120201605:59
Magic Morning (One Two Soft Alice Rose Remix)Tiger Rose, Alice RoseMelodica Electronica Vol. 1BudenzauberElectronica121201607:05

Set 4:  Assol & Title Track

The set starts off with that alternate version of the Assol release (the Original Orchestral Mix, in fact), and then Pezzner dominates the set with 3 of the 6 tracks in the set being from the Title Track release, including the title track, which of course is called, “Title Track.”  My brain hurts.

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYear Time
Assol (Original Orchestral Mix)K.OshkinAssolBonzai ProgressiveProgressive House125201607:00
Jester's DiseaseHuminalWe Dwell In The PastProton MusicTech House095201606:41
3 hands (Club Version)PezznerTitle TrackGet Physical MusicDeep House123201604:28
We Dwell In The PastHuminalWe Dwell In The PastProton MusicElectronica124201607:21
Undone (Club Version)PezznerTitle TrackGet Physical MusicTech House122201604:19
Title Track (Club Version)PezznerTitle TrackGet Physical MusicTech House120201604:59


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