062: Fred V & Grafix, Weval, Silence Groove

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hIn this episode, I feature Fred V & GrafixOxygen release; Weval‘s eoponymous release; Silence Groove‘s Spin With Me EP, Pete K‘s Inner Circle release, and Toolroom Productions’ Ibiza Underground 2016.


Fred V & Grafix, Weval, Silence Groove

Fred V & Grafix’ Oxygen

Fred V & Grafix, Weval, Silence Groove

Weval by Weval








Fred V & Grafix, Weval, Silence Groove

Silence Groove’s Spin With Me EP

Fred V & Grafix, Weval, Silence Groove

Pete K’s Inner Circle








Set 1:  Fred V & Grafix, Weval

Fred V & Grafix’ sophomore album, entitled, Oxygen, shows the duo cementing their position as they refine their songwriting abilities.  This set features three of the new tracks from that effort.

As for Weval‘s self-titled debut album, Benjamin Schiem, a Contributor to Pitchfork,  started off his review like this:

Every once in awhile an electronic record comes along that is both so strong and so obviously appealing that it can’t help but end up in the hands of people who otherwise own no records from labels like Kompakt, Hyperdub or !K7. Think of The Knife’s Silent Shout in 2006, or Burial’s Untrue and Justice’s in 2007. Beyond luck and timing, these kinds of releases are successful because they are not only masters of their genre and bring its best attributes to light, but also because they manage to be a lot of different things to different people. It’s uncommon for all of those factors to come into play at once, but with the new self-titled debut album by Weval, it’s easy to imagine how German techno mainstay Kompakt could have the next great crossover artist on their hands.


You’ll find three tracks from that Weval release in this set as well.  Enjoy.

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
VistaFred V & GrafixOxygenHospital RecordsDrum & Bass100201603:58
OxygenFred V & GrafixOxygenHospital RecordsDrum & Bass087201605:08
Sweet MagnoliaSeba, Jenna GSweet Magnolia EPFokuz RecordingsDrum & Bass087201605:51
IgniteFred V & GrafixOxygenHospital RecordsDrum & Bass087201605:08
HigherSilence GrooveSpin With Me EPFokuz RecordingsDrum & Bass087201605:02
Just In CaseWevalWevalKompaktElectronica102201604:41
Spin With MeSilence GrooveSpin With Me EPFokuz RecordingsDrum & Bass087201605:08

Set 2: Ibiza Underground 2016, Weval

Fred V & Grafix, Weval, Silence Groove

Toolroom’s Ibiza Underground 2016

Toolroom’s Ibiza Underground 2016.  There is no shortage of collections promulgating the sound of Ibiza.  And releasing a collection of 58 tracks, you’d think it’d be hard not to include a few gems in the mix.  This collection not only lives up to its billing as being Underground, it actually delivers a significant proportion of phenomenal cuts.  This set includes two tracks from that collection.  You’ll be hearing more before you know it.

This set also features the track, Days, from the Weval release.  This is dreamy, even soupy, with haunting vocals, and yet the rhythm is crisp and infectious.  Check it out in slot 3 of the set.

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
Jazzing D-Formation, Rick Piers O'NeilIbiza Underground 2016Toolroom ProductionsTech House123201606:48
I Won't ForgetTheo KottisI Won't Forget/All That TimeAnjunadeepDeep House123201607:40
UnchartedSergio FernandezIbiza Underground 2016Toolroom ProductionsTech House124201606:29
HydraeFrankey, SandrinoHydrae EPKompaktHouse119201608:05
Down Home (Olivier Weiter Remix)Boss Axis, Olivier WelterLessons Of Techhouse, Vol. 2Wasabi RecordingsTech House124201608:05

Set 3: Ibiza Underground 2016

I told you you’d be hearing more from that Ibiza Underground 2016 collection before you knew it.  And here you go.  In slot 2 of this set you’ll hear a track from Dosem, entitled Untold Stories from that collection.  The rest of the set is equally outstanding, from the opening track out on Parquet Recordings, to the closing gem by Wassermann out on Kompakt.  You’re gonna dig this set!

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
Arif (D33P, Mimram Remix)tEho, D33P, MimramADE/ArifParquet RecordingsDeep House122201607:09
Untold StoriesDosemIbiza Underground 2016Toolroom ProductionsTechno124201606:39
AndeverReconditeOsa EPInnervisionsDeep House120201605:56
Loophole (Sam KDC Remix)ASC, Sam KDCHoro RemixedSamurai HoroElectronica125201604:32
Me, My, MollyPete OakTrying Not ToSincopatTech House123201606:38
Die Schallplatte (Video Remix)WassermannDie Schallplatte RemixeKompaktIndie Dance/Nu Disco120201603:40

Set 4: Pete K, Silence Groove, Fred V & Grafix

With only 1 track from a featured release in Set 3, you knew the last set had to be jam packed with featured material.  And it’s featured material because it’s great stuff.

This final set features both tracks from Pete K’s Inner Circle.  Born in Lisboa, Portugual, Pete K is producer Pedro Caldeira, who presently resides in Paris, France.  Although the history may be slightly convoluted, it manifests real depth in his music.  Here, pay attention to “Utopia,” appearing here in slot #1, and “Lotus,” appearing here in the 4th position.

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
UtopiaPete KInner CircleProton MusicProgressive House125201608:03
Who Will Love YouSilence GrooveSpin With Me EPFokuz RecordingsDrum & Bass152201605:24
Borderline (Alberto Ruiz Remix)Faray, Alberto RuizDocklandJannowitz RecordsTechno126201606:36
LotusPete KInner CircleProton MusicProgressive House126201607:02
Corrosion (Remix)Synth SenseHoro RemixedSamurai HoroElectronica125201606:39
Nearly ThereFred V & GrafixOxygenHospital RecordsDrum & Bass130201604:35

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