059: Tech House feat. Tanzweise 019 & Electronic Nature Vol. 13

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Tech House

Tretmuehle’s Tanzweise 019

Hunter/Game's Adaptation Remixe

Hunter/Game’s Adaptation Remixe

Tech House

Tretmuehle’s Electronic Nature Vol. 13 – Aesthetic Tech-House Tracks

In episode 59 of the Mongoland Podcast I feature a plethora of Tech House Tunes.  In particular, I feature two Tech House compiliations from the German label, Tretmuehle.  The first of these is collection entitled, Tanzweise 019.  (Tanzweise is German for “Dance Tunes”).  The second compilation is entitled, Electronic Nature Vol. 13 – Aesthetic Tech-House Tracks!   Nine of the twelve Tech House tracks in this mix come from these two sources.

But there’s much, much more in this mix.  I also feature Hunter/Game’s Adaptation Remixe.  This is Kompakt’s phenomenal collection of remixes of tracks from Hunter/Game’s debut full-length album, Adaptation.  Each set also prominently features an incredible new Progressive House track.  And in the Second Set, pay attention to the Techno piece in the fourth position: “Traces” by Night Talk.

Admittedly, this episode is dominated by Tech House tracks.  But that is not to say that the mix ignores all other genres of electronic music.  Rather, there is also strong representation from the Deep House and Progressive House realms.  In addition, the mix includes some strong pieces from the zones of Techno, Electronica, and Indy Dance/Nu Disco.  Consequently, the mix in this episode comprises a very balanced offering.

Set 1: Tech House & Adaptation Remixe

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
Bermuda (Ambient Mix)Hunter/GameAdaptation RemixeKompaktElectronica124201603:57
Saed (Ramon Tapia Remix)RemcordTanzweise 019TretmuehleTech House124201608:19
SinatraX-Press 2, MutinyGet Physical Music Presents: Sessions - Selected Tracks, Pt. 4Get Physical MusicTech House124201608:00
Space Between (Original Mix)Matter, GMJSuperpositionProton MusicProgressive House121201608:51
Origins (Nick Höppner Mix)Hunter/GameAdaptation RemixeKompaktTech House118201608:10

HUNTER/GAME released their debut full length on KOMPAKT in February an immersive collection that followed their two Resident Advisor chart topping singles…. With previous releases on Innervisions, Diynamic, Last Night On Earth and their own imprint Just this, this Italian duo have proved to be a leading force of the underground. “


Set 2: Tech House feat. Tanzweise 019

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
AstronautYuki MakotoElectronic Nature, Vol. 13 - Aesthetic Tech-House Tracks!TretmuehleTech House122201606:57
Ocean (Original Mix)Alejandro DeepDeep NightDeep Trip RecordingIndi Dance/Nu Disco120201605:59
Airport StoriesMicrotune, TakterTanzweise 019TretmuehleTech House122201608:20
Traces (Original Mix)Night TalkChimaeraAYMTechno123201607:02
Atoms (Original Mix)Matter, GMJSuperpositionProton MusicProgressive House121201607:33
Somos UnoEmilio, San MiguelTanzweise 019TretmuehleTech House124201608:00

Set 3: Tanzweise 019, Adaptation Remixe, Electronic Nature Vol. 13

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
Take Me (Original Mix)Toni FunkTanzweise 019TretmuehleTech House118201607:23
Ashes (Woo York Mix)Hunter/Game, Woo YorkAdaptation RemixeKompaktTechno124201606:58
Mild RiseDaniel CurottoDeck Of Cards EPBonzai ProgressiveProgressive House120201609:30
The Stairway (Ankome Reconstruction)Inner Square, AnkomeElectronic Nature, Vol. 13 - Aesthetic Tech-House Tracks!TretmuehleTech House123201607:21
DiffractionsNight TalkChimaeraAYMDeep House121201605:08
Navy ElixirGamDeep Into The Vibe Vol. 4City LifeDeep House124201606:13

Set 4: Tanzweise 019 & Electronic Nature Vol. 13

Track TitleArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
BabulkaMollono.BassGroove Circus, Vol. 16Wasabi RecordingsTech House127201605:56
Forsaken (Instrumental Mix)Stan KolevForsaken EPBonzai ProgressiveProgressive House125201606:51
Celebration of FreedomMalikTanzweise 019TretmuehleTech House125201606:48
Mardi GrasAri Rhodes, AllisGarden of Dreams, Vol. 14 - Sophisticated Deep House MusicCity LifeDeep House125201607:54
Love (Maxwell Smart Remix)Marius DrescherTanzweise 019TretmuehleTech House126201607:05
Darabukka (Björn Wilke Remix)Fabian BöhmElectronic Nature, Vol. 13 - Aesthetic Tech-House Tracks!TretmuehleTech House125201607:07

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