039: Progressive House, Deep House, D&B

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December’s Tracks Part 1: Progressive House, Deep House, D&B and more!

This week it’s another episode where I drop the split-show format in order to deliver the necessary wealth of music and get through December’s tracks in a scant two weeks.  So it’s two full hours of Mongo Mixes as I probe deeply into some Progressive House and Deep House tracks, as well as a good amount of Drum & Bass.  Pay particular attention to the Open System remixes from Rise and Fall out on Bonzai Progressive.  Progressive House, Deep House, D&B

December’s Tracks: Progressive House, Deep House, D&B

Set 1: Drum & Bass, Electronica, Techno & Chill Out Progressive House, Deep House, D&B

Progressive House, Deep House, D&B

It’s a Trilogy, actually.

Sealed (Intro) is a swelling drone that lasts only as long as my opening remarks.  It transitions nicely into Fractal by Dub Head, a powerful Drum & Bass track with a slightly awkward rhythm.  We get a bit of a break with Stewart Road‘s gentle Techno beat that lets your mind expand nicely as the set begins to stretch out.  Then we plunge into a trilogy, actually, comprised of three tracks from Urbandawn‘s Cloudless EP.  Pay close attention to the second of these, Vona, as it draws in the open space and provides a beautiful focus in the central piano melody which weaves around through the frenetic drum line.  Then, before the third of these tracks, we take a brief frolic and detour into some tasty, and tasteful, Chill Out from Shakes & Seven.  This is the first of two vocal tracks in the set, with a sexy, bouncy feel that quickly dissipates and regroups amidst some bluesy guitar which, though light, shows a strong influence from David Gilmour.  The female vocals from this track flow smoothly into those of the final Urbandawn track, which delivers a gentle, yet pronounced spiritual D&B uplift as the set concludes.

Sealed (Intro)KRTSClose Eyes To ExitProject MooncircleElectronica094201501:39
Fractal (Original Mix)Dub HeadFractal EPCitrus RecordingsDrum & Bass087201506:36
Stewart RoadSubsetFour Is The Loneliest NumberDeeptakt RecordsTechno112201507:01
Under Your SheetsUrbandawnCloudless EPHospital RecordsDrum & Bass086201505:59
Vona (Original Mix)UrbandawnCloudless EPHospital RecordsDrum & Bass087201506:05
Best FriendsShakes & SevenCatwalkBeatlounge RecordsChill Out110201503:58
CloudlessElsa Esmerelda, UrbandawnCloudless EPHospital RecordsDrum & Bass088201505:10

Set 2: Deep House & Progressive House Progressive House, Deep House, D&B

Progressive House, Deep House, D&B

Open System: an EP comprised of the Original Mix and several remixes.

The set opens with the original mix of Open System by Rise and Fall.  This is the first track of another Trilogy, actually.  The Open System release is essentially an EP which includes both this original mix and a few remixes thereof.  Watch sets 3 and 4 for the remixes.  The original mix is a driving, spacey Progressive House jaunt with a catchy, slightly complex rhythm that strides atop a monstrous yawning chasmic space.  Epica kicks in at 8:17, with a strong synth melody soaking up the focus, which dissolves into space, only to re-emerge as the driving bass line.  A transition, then, into Devil Face, an Electronica track which serves to bridge the flow from Progressive House into Deep House.

Progressive House, Deep House, D&B

Yotto: Personal Space/Mulholland 99


The trio, but not a Trilogy, of Deep House tracks is dominated by the A and B sides of the latest single from Yotto:  Mulholland 99 and Personal Space.  Mulholland 99 provides a moment of resolution in the set in a triumphant strut lead by deep and fat synths .  Personal Space finishes the set with a sense of intrigue brewing beneath the Mongolian voiceover of yours truly.



Open System (Original Mix)Rise and FallOpen System EPBonzai ProgressiveProgressive House124201508:17
Epika (Radio Edit)Guy Mantzur, Roy RosenfeldBeyond Borders: BerlinArmada Music BundlesProgressive House122201503:34
Devil FaceWonkers, Nicolas HannigThe CallDer TurnbeutelElectronica123201506:17
Aeroplane (Dub Mix)AbityAnachronisticBonzai ProgressiveDeep House118201508:16
Mulholland 99YottoPersonal Space/Mulholland 99AnjunadeepDeep House120201504:19
Personal SpaceYottoPersonal Space/Mulholland 99AnjunadeepDeep House122201505:01

Set 3: Progressive House Progressive House, Deep House, D&B

Progressive House, Deep House, D&B

Youngen: The Long Way Home

We open the 3rd set with the Rick Pier O/Neil Remix of the Open System track which opened the second set.  Get it?  Still yawning, still driving, still spacey, just different, and faster.  Sort of.  Youngen’s The Long Way Home summons imagery of spaced out buses and trains dancing in some aeronautic realm.  The Mauritian Experience proves that yes, computers can snap their fingers too.  And better than you can. Colorblind is what happens when droids sing slave songs. Finally, we close the set with Magnet, which is a minimalist Techno progression.  Just relax and let it happen to you.

Open System (Rick Pier O'Niel Remix)Rise and FallOpen System EPBonzai ProgressiveProgressive House125201506:25
The Long Way Home (Another Audio Noir Trip)YoungenThe Long Way HomeBonzai ProgressiveProgressive House126201508:13
Mauritian Experience (Original Mix)Alessandro SpaianiTrust In Me EPJoof RecordingsProgressive House126201507:10
Colourblind (Justin Massei Radio Edit)Third SonBeyond Borders: BerlinArmada Music BundlesProgressive House120201503:29
Magnet (Original Mix)Stephan Hinz, Philipp RuhmhardtMagnetIntecTechno126201508:41

Set 4: Deep House & a Mishmash Progressive House, Deep House, D&B

Progressive House, Deep House, D&B

Yoram’s Epoch EP


Imagine Kraftwerk’s classic Autobahn set in a tiny prison cell and you’ve got Eli & Fur’s I Stole A Car, which opens the fourth set.  When the musical incantation of “Love me” kicks in, you know you’re listening to Flame (Badoos Remix), appropriately on the Heavenly Bodies label.  This is superceded by Yoram’s Epoch, which feels like a ride on a maglev train through a remote, alien landscape.  Andre Hommen’s Centrifuge is the cranking of the wheelhouse that turns that train around as we prepare to embark into the Techno realm for Leon Krasich’s Remix of Rise and Fall’s Open System.  This version is subtle, understated, and very much in a spaced out groove.  Finally, we close the set with Yoram’s Amaranthine.  It’s a dubby, Deep House train you’ll want to keep a rollin’ all night long.

I Stole A Car (Original Mix)Eli & FurCalifornia Love EpAnjunadeepDeep House122201506:30
Flame (Badoos Remix)Marc MoosbruggerFlameHeavenly BodiesElectronica120201503:35
Epoch (Original Mix)YoramEpoch EPCrossfrontier AudioDeep House120201507:50
Centrifuge (Radio Edit)Andre HommenBeyond Borders: BerlinArmada Music BundlesProgressive House124201510:11
Amaranthine (Original Mix)YoramEpoch EPCrossfrontier AudioDeep House121201508:18


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