038: Mongo’s November Review

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Mongo’s November Review

In this episode, I present what, in my humble opinion, are the best EDM tracks released in November of 2015.  The selections range from Chill Out to Drum & Bass, with a strong presence of Deep and Progressive House in the middle.

Mongo’s November Review

Set 1: Chill Out Mongo’s November Review

Mongo's November Review

40 Winks’ Sound Puzzle (Deluxe Edition)


One of the wonderful surprises of November was the release of 40 Winks’ Sound Puzzle (Deluxe Edition), a delightful and lush, if odd, Chill Out journey.




Pyramids (Original Mix)The MadisonPyramids + Overnight EPBlack Hole RecordingsProgressive House126201505:33
Summer RainMikrokristal, Echo DeltaSummer RainCold Tear RecordsChill Out087201507:08
Morning (Original Mix)Parallax BreakzEveryday EPVIM RecordsChill Out100201507:22
Vice CityVechigenVice CityBonzai ElementalChill Out080201504:05
For the Traveller40 WinksSound Puzzle (Deluxe Edition)Project MooncircleChill Out090201503:18
Old Train40 WinksSound Puzzle (Deluxe Edition)Project MooncircleChill Out102201502:23

Set 2: Deep House & Progressive House Mongo’s November Review

Mongo's November Review

Alexander Koning & Ed Dejon’s Scripted Reality


What if the alleged events and “facts” the media presented to you as the truth of our reality never actually happened?  What if they were, in actual fact, merely scripted?  The sole representatives of Deep House in this episode were culled from Alexander Koning & Ed Dejon’s  Scripted Reality, out on Percep-tion. 



Out of Firsts (Original Mix)Alexander Koning, Ed DejonScripted RealityPercep-tionDeep House125201507:42
Wunderschong (Rise and Fall Remix)Audio Noir, Rise and FallAlmost Famous Reworked, Vol. 3Bonzai ProgressiveProgressive House124201507:48
Scripted RealityAlexander Koning, Ed DejonScripted RealityPercep-tionDeep House120201508:36
Crazy WorldAudioStormFirst StepBonzai ProgressiveProgressive House123201509:06
Variety Is the Spice of Life (Original Mix)Insert NameVariety Is The Spice Of LifeJOOF RecordingsProgressive House124201511:07

Set 3: Progressive House & Trance Mongo’s November Review

Mongo's November Review

Phi Phi’s Hiccup


Rise and Fall managed to get two remixes into Mongo’s November Review.  In this set, we start things off with the Rise and Fall remix of Phi Phi’s Hiccup.  Kinda reminds me of 7th grade, when I spent the entire year enduring a single case of hiccups.




Hiccup (Rise and Fall Remix)Phi Phi, Rise and FallHiccupBonzai ProgressiveProgressive House126201508:19
Impossible Is Nothing (Original Mix)Chance JumpersImpossible Is NothingBonzai Back CatalogTrance130201511:15
They Don't MatterGmTCloser EPBonzai ProgressiveProgressive House128201506:48
RotationzDaddyRotationzBonzai ClassicsProgressive House130201508:30

Set 4: Drum & Bass Mongo’s November Review

Mongo's November Review

Mindmapper & Silvahfonk’s Restless EP


Fokuz Recordings has long had a solid showing for Drum & Bass here in Mongoland.  Mindmapper & Silvahfonk’s Restless EP on that label is fully represented in this set.






Mongo's November Review

London Elektricity’s Are We There Yet? (Deluxe Edition)


Released on November 6, 2015, London Elektricity’s Are We There Yet? (Deluxe Edition) emerged in Episode 037 as one of my favorites among the Mongoland Holiday Essentials for 2015.  It’s only natural, then, that it should also have a strong showing in Mongo’s November Review.




One Step CloserMindmapper, SilvahfonkRestless EPFokuz RecordingsDrum & Bass087201505:23
RestlessMindmapper, SilvahfonkRestless EPFokuz RecordingsDrum & Bass087201505:49
Telefunken Lizard Filter (Original Mix)London ElektricityAre We There Yet?Hospital RecordsDrum & Bass087201505:30
Seven Days To Live (Dubwise Mix)London Elektricity, Emer DineenAre We There Yet? [Deluxe Edition]Hospital RecordsDrum & Bass088201504:29
Thirty FourZero TDice Game EPFokuz RecordingsDrum & Bass087201505:37
Phase UsLondon Elektricty, Emer DineenAre We There Yet?Hospital RecordsDrum & Bass086201505:13

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