037: Mongoland Holiday Essentials

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The Mongoland Holiday Essentials

In this episode I forego the DJ Mongo Presents segment in order to deliver an extended version of the EDM Hour.  Here, I present an in depth look at my short list of the best holiday gifting options taking the form of EPs and LPs released this year in the EDM realm.  We’ll listen to the latest releases from the likes of Cubicolor, Davi, Biome, Krakota, London Elektricity, Leith Bass Team, and Ash Walker.  Plus, an invocation of Nostalgia 77.









The Mongoland Holiday Essentials

These are the EPs and albums released during 2015 which, in my humble opinion, stand out from the crowd as containing no filler, just all amazingly great tracks that bear repeated listening.  In other words, those albums and EPs that are perfect for holiday gifting.

Set 1: Cubicolor and Davi

Cubicolor starts things off with a release out on Anjunadeep that is hands down my favorite Deep House/Electronica release of the year.  But the great upstart this year in the realm of Tech House and Deep House is Tenampa Recordings.  Davi’s release on that label is the foremost example.  Check it out.

Clime (Original Mix)CubicolorDown The Wall EPAnjunadeepElectronica120201506:23
Musicians (Original Mix)CubicolorDown The Wall EPAnjunadeepDeep House118201508:06
Down The Wall (Original Mix)CubicolorDown The Wall EPAnjunadeepElectronica110201509:17
Illusion (Original Mix)DaviMetanoia EPTenampa RecordingsTech House121201506:58
MetanoiaDaviMetanoia EPTenampa RecordingsDeep House120201507:28

Set 2: Davi, Biome, and Krakota

I haven’t been playing much Dubstep on the show this year, with a few rare exceptions.  One of them is Biome, whose release on Deep Heads this year is so understated and tasteful, it strikes me as a mature and developed form of dubstep, possibly pointing the way to a new direction for the genre.  One that is perhaps more sustainable.  It is also a sound which blends well with Drum & Bass, and flows flawlessly into the new release from Krakota, which stands as one of several outstanding releases in that genre this year.

Ordinary Nightmares (Original Mix)DaviMetanoia EPTenampa RecordingsTech House123201507:12
ConstantBiomeBiome on Deep HeadsDeep HeadsDubstep068201505:22
SerenityBiomeBiome on Deep HeadsDeep HeadsDubstep088201505:39
Wolf PackBiomeBiome on Deep HeadsDeep HeadsDubstep088201505:36
In The AreaKrakota, LiffordCitadels EPHospital RecordsDrum & Bass087201504:57
Lazy BonesKrakotaCitadels EPHospital RecordsDrum & Bass086201504:34
Citadels (Original Mix)KrakotaCitadels EPHospital RecordsDrum & Bass088201504:48

Set 3: London Elektricity and the Leith Bass Team

London Elektricity has released a Deluxe Edition of Are We There Yet?, just in time for the holiday season.  This is a stellar release, packed with goodies.  But you should also check out the Leith Bass Team – with a release that is not to be ignored.

Phase UsLondon ElektricityAre We There Yet? Limited Edition Box SetHospital RecordsDrum & Bass086201505:14
SwivelLondon ElektricityAre We There Yet? Limited Edition Box SetHospital RecordsDrum & Bass173201506:01
Telefunken Lizard Filter (Original Mix)London ElektricityAre We There Yet? Limited Edition Box SetHospital RecordsDrum & Bass087201505:30
Breathe Me In (feat. Georgia Gordon)Leith Bass TeamBreathe Me InAlex Tronic RecordsElectronica136201505:11
Nature Flows (Original Mix)Leith Bass TeamBreathe Me InAlex Tronic RecordsBreaks080201505:33
Magical Float (Original Mix)Leith Bass TeamBreathe Me InAlex Tronic RecordsChill Out100201503:21

Set 4: Ash Walker and an Invocation to Nostalgia ’77

Ash Walker’s Augmented 7th is my choice for the coolest vibes of 2015.  But it’s not that simple.  Nostalgia ’77 failed to release any EP or album in 2015.  Had he, my conclusion would not be so clear cut.  So following my sampling of Ash Walker’s album, I present an invocation to Nostalgia ’77 in the hopes that, like last year, he will release something of substance during December, before 2015 is out.

Côte De BoeufAsh WalkerAugmented 7thDeep HeadsChill Out145201503:41
Six EightAsh WalkerAugmented 7thDeep HeadsChill Out092201503:03
Round the Twist (feat. Nikolaj Torp-Larsen) (Original Mix)Ash WalkerAugmented 7thDeep HeadsChill Out135201503:05
Positive Force DubNostalgia 77, Prince FattyIn The Kingdom of DubTru ThoughtsReggae, Dub099201403:11
MeasuresNostalgia 77 and The MonsterMeasures/Island In The SunTru Thoughts RecordsJazz118201404:16
DinosaursNostalgia 77, BonoboTru Thoughts 15th AnniversaryTru ThoughtsChill Out082201403:58
Quiet Dawn (Bonobo Remix)Nostalgia 77Ritz paris - Jazz Around The RitzAvril ProductionChill Out115201107:05
Freedom - Zombie Dance Parts 1 & 2Nostalgia 77, Prince FattyIn The Kingdom of DubTru ThoughtsReggae, Dub119201406:22

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