036: Chill Out, Unique Repeat

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Chill Out, Unique Repeat

In the EDM Hour, I present brand new music by The Madison, Leith Bass Team, Vechigen, 40 Winks, Seven Doors, Beckers & D-Nox, and AudioStorm.

Then, in the second hour, DJ Mongo Presents Unique Repeat, of Berlin, Germany.

Chill out, Unique Repeat.

Dan and Sinan: Unique Repeat from Berlin, Germany.


1. The EDM Hour: Chill Out, Minimal/Tech House, Progressive House, Techno, & Breaks Chill Out, Unique Repeat

a. Set 1:

MegaptersSeven DoorsOtecExploited GermanyMinimal/Tech House120201509:16
One Button40 WinksSound Puzzle (Deluxe Edition) Project MooncircleChill Out119201502:37
Secret GamesBeckers, D-NoxSecret GamesParquet Recordings Techno123201508:59
OtecSeven DoorsOtecExploited GermanyMinimal/Tech House120201509:02
Moon SafariAudioStormFirst StepBonzai ProgressiveProgressive House124201508:04

b. Set 2:

Title ArtistReleaseLabelGenreBPMYearTime
Pyramids (Original Mix)The MadisonPyramids + Overnight EPBlack Hole RecordingsProgressive House095201505:31
Magical Float (Original Mix)Leith Bass TeamBreathe Me InAlex Tronic RecordsChill Out100201503:21
Vice CityVechigenVice CityBonzai ElementalChill Out080201504:06
For the Traveller40 WinksSound Puzzle (Deluxe Edition)Project MooncircleChill Out090201503:18
Mind Lost (Interlude)40 WinksSound Puzzle (Deluxe Edition)Project MooncircleChill Out090201502:20
Nature Flows (Original Mix)Leith Bass TeamBreathe Me InAlex Tronic RecordsChill Out080201505:33
Welcome to Paradise Island (Interlude)40 WinksSound Puzzle (Deluxe Edition)Project MooncircleChill Out089201501:10
Old Train40 WinksSound Puzzle (Deluxe Edition)Project MooncircleChill Out102201502:23
Egyptian Love Poems40 WinksSound Puzzle (Deluxe Edition)Project MooncircleChill Out098201503:23

2. DJ Mongo Presents: Unique Repeat of Berlin, Germany Chill Out, Unique Repeat

Chill Out, Unique Repeat.

Dan and Sinan are Unique Repeat, from Berlin, Germany.


Dan and Sinan watch one another going through various stages of rhythm and sound creation. As much as the two best friends agree with each other in general – their musical activities always seem to be too different, too heterogeneous for any mutual project. Until 2011, when their creative vibes fall into perfect sync with a bang and complement each other in an irresistibly catchy groove: Unique Repeat.

At this moment their divergent backgrounds make perfect sense, as they add up in a style that is extremely rich in shades and textures. Embedded into an inexhaustible stream of warm bass frequency the music of Unique Repeat has the floating elegance of a mountain river in the evening sun. Subliminal pad sounds keep building in the background until they eventually break through, spreading their organic harmony all over the stereo panorama. The combination of tight, yet unobtrusive rhythms and melodic deepness creates a mesmerizing atmosphere. It is intensified even more during the live acts of Unique Repeat, when the duo presents an ongoing sound modulation rather than a sequence of tracks!


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