007: Deep House, Techno Mixes & DJ Zam

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The recent transpiration of the Spring Equinox dictated that I conduct a semi-corporate, electro-pagan quarterly review, culling the best of the best from the winter of 2014/2015 for your listening and dancing pleasure.

Simultaneously, my friends at Radio Kaos Caribou out  of Ermont, France introduced me to DJ Zam out of Hyderabad, India.  Yada yada yada, in this week’s DJ Mongo Presents segment, I present … wait for it … DJ Zam of Hyderabad, India!  You’re going to want to turn your speakers up to 11 for this one!

007: Deep House, Techno Mixes & DJ Zam

The EDM Hour

Set 1

My Heart's Confession (feat. Sopheary) [Going Deeper Remix]Moonbeam, Sopheary, Going DeeperMy Heart's ConfessionBlack Hole RecordingsTrance12220145:21
Glorified (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)Tiger Stripes, Rodriguez, Jr.School of Deep House Vol. 1Groovebirds RecordsDeep House12520156:51
Back DaysSteve HopeGreat Stuff Waves Good Bye 2014Great Stuff RecordingsDeep House12320155:55
Conjure DreamsMaceo PlexConjure InfinityDrumcodeTechno12420147:24
All I NeedTrystArmada Presents Deep House Essentials #004Armada Music BundlesDeep House12020154:50
ConvolutionOliver LiebConvolution/ConvergenceParquet RecordingsTechno12420157:16

1, “My Heart’s Confession (feat. Sopheary) (Going Deeper Remix),” by Moonbeam, Sopheary, and Going Deeper, from My Heart’s Confession, out on Black Hole Recordings.




Brothers Pavel Khvaleyev, and Vitaliy Khvaleyev of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, are Moonbeam.









Key Information: Two brothers driven by one united sound vision, such is the origin of Russia’s illustrious Moonbeam. Powered by their industrious production ethic, Pavel & Vitaly Khvaleev’s unique diversion of trance has found them swiftly in favour with EDM’s DJ glitterati. Underlining their inimitable spin on the sound, their studio ware is as regularly supported by the likes of van Buuren, van Dyk, Schulz and Corsten, as it is Axwell, Tiësto and Digweed. Having created floor uproar through 100s of DJ sets and live Moonbeam shows, they’ve soundtracked hundreds of thousands of EDM nights for clubbers around the world. In 2009, through a combined force of productions & performances, they entered DJ Magazine’s annual list of the world’s best DJs. There they have remained for the last four years, most recently re-entering the Top 100 in 2012. With 3 official full-length artist albums already marking waypoints in their career, early 2013 will herald their fourth long-player – the widely anticipated OST ‘The Random’.

Moonbeam The DJs: Emanating from the major east Russian metropolis of Nizhny Novgorod, as both DJs and a live act, Pavel and Vitaly have built up a formidable reputation. Their entrancing stage performances have resulted in a committed bedrock fanbase in their home country. To date they have smashed many a mainline event, tent-pole festival and iconic club. In 2010 they supported Tiësto on his tour of the Ukraine and last year rocked the goliath Kazantip festival. As their music’s begun to proliferate worldwide, demand to see the brothers themselves perform abroad intensified. They’ve subsequently played countries as contrasting as China and France, Japan, the Czech Republic and South Korea.

The Music: much has been made of Moonbeam’s singular take on dance music. At once harmonic and heartfelt, it is also effecting, consciously filmic and emotively poignant. A direct by-product of their shared musical influences (Röyksopp, Radiohead, Massive Attack and Björk are among regularly cited Moonbeam stimuli), it notably stands apart from the rest of post-millennial trance.

“Music that has no limits, no borders. This inspires us to make experiments with our own music”, says Pavel. Tracks like ‘See The Difference Inside’, ‘Cocoon’, ‘7 Seconds’ and ‘Eclipse’, as well as remix work like their rewire of Rachael Starr’s ‘To Forever’ put their career into orbit. More recently tracks like ‘Daydream’ and ‘I Love Your Face’ have found favour with the dance press. Rating ‘Daydream’ a rare 9.5 out of 10, DJ Mag hailed it was “intoxicating” and “incredible”. ‘I Love Your Face’ meanwhile was a Single of the Month in the magazine, with a floor effect that was “little short of atomic”.

Equal in impact have been their artist albums: 2008’s ‘Consumption’ (Soundz Recordings), ‘Around The World’ (through Black Hole in 2010) and 2011’s ‘The Secret’ (Moonbeam Digital). Without doubt Russia’s most prodigious electronic dance music export, Moonbeam’s music has been brought to dancefloors through a host of world-class imprints over the course of the last decade. Black Hole, Armada Music, Ultra, Coldharbour, Kickin’, Spinnin’, High Contrast and the esteemed German label, Traum Schallplatten have all seen releases of the brother’s music.

In 2012 Pavel and Vitaly passed their 200th Moonbeam production milestone. In November of 2012 they released ‘You Win Me’, which featured the vocals of Aelyn. The track was the first to be taken from their forthcoming album ‘The Random’ and was also the landmark 500th release on Black Hole Recordings.

The Moonbeam Film Studio: Moonbeam are every bit as much dedicates of vision as they are sound, regularly synergizing the two. The video production and graphics studio of their creative organization has thus far produced 30 of the group’s music videos, as well as others for acts like A*S*Y*S* and Sol Noir. Their bespoke visuals are now acknowledged as being a major contributing factor to their on-stage appeal – all part of the Moonbeam experience.

2013’s ‘The Random’ represents the studio’s first feature length film, with an original soundtrack written, composed and performed by Moonbeam.

Moonbeam Digital: Exhibiting their go-getting musical approach, the Khvaleev brothers established the Moonbeam Digital label in 2005. This formed a platform through which they could take full creative control of their highly original music output. Subsequently it also offered an outlet for other talented and likeminded producers. Thus far this has generated many a key release in their own career and that of others. Included among them are ‘Hate Is The Killer’ (which was remixed by fellow Russian EDM emissary Arty), regular vocal muse Avis Vox’s, ‘Doors Opened Inside’, Matvey Emerson’s debut album, and Moonbeam feat Blackfeel Wite’s own ‘Your Wind Is In My Hands’.

From Moonbeam on Soundcloud.



Timur Shafiev & Eugene (J.Wo), of Russia, are Going Deeper.


Going Deeper – duo from Russia. Working in such styles as Indie Dance/ Deep House/Tech. GD consists of two talented producers: Timur Shafiev & Eugene (J.Wo). This project was formed in the summer of 2012, a few months later their first release came on the Spanish label Suruba. For half a year of work the guys signed their tracks on labels such as Electronique, Union Jack, PopArt, StayFly, Diamond Clash. And get support from artists such as: Amine Edge, Atapy, Los Suruba, Coyu, Blond:ish, HNQO, JOBE, Newbie Nerdz, DeMarzo, Kolombo, Digitaria, ReDupre & list goes on!

From Going Deeper on ResidentAdvisor.net


2. “Glorified (Rodriquez Jr. Remix),” by Tiger Stripes and Rodriguez Jr., from School of Deep House Vol. 1, on Groovebirds Records.














Olivier Mateu’s wide-ranging inspirations and interests find their ultimate outlet as Rodriguez Jr., positioning him as mobilee’s new master of eclecticism.

As one half of French electro act The Youngsters – best known for their two studio albums and singles for Laurent Garnier’s F-Communications – Mateu has already received enough
plaudits and praise to last a lifetime. The Youngsters’ award-winning productions catapulted them into the international arena, taking them to some of the biggest clubs and festivals around the world.

Rodriguez Jr. reveals a different incarnation of Mateu’s musical psyche, one that strides ahead, guided only by his kaleidoscopic vision; moving through shimmering, contemplative electronica, to deep and urgent techno, leftfield melodic accents and quirky pop refrains, Rodriguez Jr. is the by-product of an untamed brand of creativity and a thirst for the new and unexpected. Drawing inspiration from artists as diverse as Stockhausen, LFO, Carl Craig, Eric Satie, Kraftwerk, and Michael Polnareff, Rodriguez Jr.’s spirit of adventure translates as soaring creativity, and music that cannot be pigeonholed.

Mateu manifests Rodriguez Jr. in his MLab Mk5 studio, which brims with vintage synthesizers and dusty analog gear. Acclaimed Rodriguez Jr. releases for imprints such as Mothership, Boxer Records and Giant Wheels, prefaced the quirky melodies of his bass-driven house hit Princess Guacamole for mobilee records, and the tropical techno of Kids of Hula for it’s sister label Leena Music. Drawing both pleasure and inspiration from live performance, Rodriguez Jr. relishes the opportunity to realize his project on the stage, and has done extensively throughout Europe and America. This year it will also be fully realized in the studio, as he will release his debut album on mobilee in the Summer.

As he restlessly seeks out the ultimate intersection between all of his disparate influences, Mateu explains it best: “Good electronic music is not a jail,” he says, “It should be enjoyable
everywhere, from dancefloors to living rooms, and by everybody.” Now an integral part of the
mobilee family, Mateu will continue to channel his vision, passion, and love of music into all that he does, and all that will come.

From Rodriguez Jr’s website.

Mikael Nordgren of Stockholm, Sweden is Tiger Stripes.



3. “Back Days,” by Steve Hope, from Great Stuff Waves Good Bye 2014, on Great Stuff Recordings.

The Viennese Shooting Star makes now for over a year with his powerful sound sensation in the Austrian scene, and has a rise behind him like no other.

His Bookings speak for themselves, the sympathetic Vienna Dj enthusiastic before thousands of people at events such as. More than Music on the support of Oxia, or with Chris Liebing Club C32 in Germany. The club display is just as much to his residencies, as well as the legendary Hypnotic Events – where he rocked with superstars such as Fatboy Slim, feede le Grande, Erik Morillo.

Even the biggest festivals in the country did not pass the Young Star, he wowed the crowds at the Urban Art Forms Festival in meadows, as well as the Beat Patrol and Day & Night Festival!

From Steve Hope on Resident Advisor via Google Translate

4. “Conjure Dreams,” by Maceo Plex, from Conjure Infinity, on Drumcode.

Maceo Plex aka Maetrik aka Mariel ito.

Located deep within the circuitry of a mechanical alien host known as Maetrik you will find a complex web of synaptic dispersements resembling what could be called a soul. And this soul which drives it’s host and manipulates it’s every move is finally beginning to emerge. Its name is Maceo Plex. The emergence of such an entity has been the result of a need for feeling, a need for interplanetary funk. We as humans consider this need a feeling, a feeling rooted in emotion, and emotion being the very basis of humanity.

Maceo Plex is on a quest to fullfil his need to inject feeling and funk into the world, and he’s already proving to be quite productive. With deep and funky works of audible engineering for the label Crosstown Rebels in the form of a full length album titled “Life Index”, a night with Maceo Plex will be one of galactic proportions.

To explain the evolutionary process behind Maceo’s existance we must travel back to 1993, to the beginning of his creativity. At the start…Maceo was intrigued by a pair of circular shaped objects designed for holding discs created from vinyl that produced vibrations resulting in sound and music. Soon he began conjuring up mixxes of techno, electro, and house music that quickly gained him popularity within the early 90s rave culture. But in 1997, while Heavily influenced by the sounds of other modern funk theorists such as Model 500, Kenny Larkin, Idjut Boyz, Convextion, etc… Maceo began experimenting with hardware modules containing knobs and keys to form his early musical compositions. Seduced by the sounds of techno & electro, Maceo grew into a technologically advanced being later to be known by various names such as Mariel Ito or Maetrik.

After many years of prolific works on such labels as Treibstoff, Dumb Unit, Cocoon, Audiomatique, Modern Love, Mothership, to name a few…Maceo aka Maetrik travelled the world playing in some of the best clubs such as Rex, Cocoon, Fabric, Womb, etc… Now in 2010 Maceo has begun to strip back some of his robotic body armor known as Maetrik in order to expose a more musical and groove based side the world has not seen yet.

The profound change has taken Maceo Plex from the complex and dark life in America to his current homebase of Valencia, Spain. The sunny and relaxed atmosphere has been quite useful to Maceo in his lengthy inward journey that is very apparent in his music. After a much needed retreat into the funky sounds of Parliament Funkadelic, Moodymann, Atjazz, Isolee, and Luomo, Maceo has finally completed his transormation and is shining brighter than the star Sirius….and his newest musical output reflects his radiation in a variety of beautiful colors. In late 2010, Maceo’s single “Vibe Your Love” will finally be released on the very foward thinking label Crosstown Rebels and will include a hefty funk remix treatment by Zev of the Wolf & Lamb clang. Soon following will be the full length debut album aptly titled “Life Index” which chronicles Maceo’s life long transformation into the soulful ball of energy he is today.

Once experienced, the album will make it abundantly clear the level of versatility Maceo Plex posesses among his many auditory shells. And the world will understand Maceo’s pristine vision of house music from beyond.

5. “All I Need,” by Tryst, from Armada Presents Deep House Essentials #004, on Armada Music Bundles.

Tryst is a producer duo from Munich, Germany.  According to their Soundcloud page, “It all started in 1991. It was a time during which one was shaped by MTV and the Hip Hop culture, which led the two DJ and producers to discover their love for spinning.

Finally the two found their way to electronic music, which led to years of successful work for many prestigious clubs. Over the years countless gigs followed among which were some with Thomas Gold, Bingo Players, Moguai, Milk & Suger, Eddie Thoneick, and others…

In 2011 Tryst was eventually established. Ever since the DJ & producer duet are diligently producing and some of their work has already made it into the charts; they have also had a wide international appeal as well as radio shows in England, Ukraine, Italy, USA, and Canada. Moreover, they publish singles through known labels such as Pacha Recordings, Embassy One, Lifted House, Tiger Records, Hotfingers Records, and Area94 Records.
“LABELS – Armada Deep | The R. Entertainment | Area 94 Records | Embassy One | Pacha Recordings Germany | Tiger Records | Lifted House | Hotfingers Records | Illuvision Records”

From Tryst on Soundcloud.


6. “Convolution,” by Oliver Lieb, from Convolution/Convergence, on Parquet Recordings.


Oliver Lieb of Frankfurt, Germany.















Oliver Lieb has been at the forefront of electronic music for almost a quarter of a century. With ten LPs under his belt, plus over a hundred EPs, with singles on such legendary labels as Harthouse, Superstition, Platipus, Hooj Choons, Yoshitoshi, Bedrock… he has remixed everyone from stadium-filling acts like Faithless, The Human League, Moby, and Yello, to the best up and coming producers in the underground scene.
Releasing music under many aliases, including L.S.G., Paragliders, S.O.L., The Ambush, Lieb has covered the full spectrum of underground techno, house, trance, and ambient sounds, and continued to evolve his own distinctive style and presence that is immediately felt, with his productions.
Lieb launched his own label Maschine in 2005 to create an outlet that wouldn’t try to curb or commercialise his creativity in the studio. The past decade has witnessed its growth into a well respected label on the scene, allowing him to release his own material, and also to give a platform for like-minded producers.
In 2007 he took the natural step of offering mastering and vinyl-cutting services, updating his studio to allow him to guarantee that both his own productions and those of his clients enjoy the highest possible sound quality. More recently, he founded Solieb Digital, as a plaftorm for re-releasing remasterings of his classic material, along with previously unreleased material.
As a DJ, Lieb continues to rock some of the biggest clubs and festivals in the world.
In 2012 he teamed up with Jimmy van M to piece together the Audible Suspects mix album for Bedrock, a compilation which received fantastic reactions from music fans and critics around the world.
With recent releases and remixes on Proton, Flow Vinyl, Parquet, Tulipa and microCastle, Lieb continues to cement his position at the cutting edge of contemporary music. With two albums in the works, and a compilation forthcoming on Solieb Digital to mark his 25 years in the industry, he remains a true original, a creative force, and an inspiration to many.

Oliver Lieb on Soundcloud

Set 2

The KingmakerRob HesThe Kingmaker/So SexyTronicTechno12520158:19
XBassjackers, DyroDance Essentials 2015Armada Music BundlesElectro House13020153:42
New23Arjuna SchiksNew23/LungoParquet RecordingsElectronica12520156:49
BK41SpintribeBK41Joof V.2Psy-Trance13220159:22
The ThemeCosmic GateTrance Top 1000 Selection, Vol. 1Armada Music BundlesProgressive House13220156:55
Rio (DJ Alf Remix)DJ Ciaco, DJ Memory, Fonzie Ciaco, DJ Fonzie, DJ AlfRioEKO SoundsMinimal13020154:42

1. “The Kingmaker,” by Rob Hes, from The Kingmaker/So Sexy, on Tronic.


Rob Hes













Meet Rob Hes, one of the brightest new stars on the techno horizon. His sound can be described as raw, energetic but very musical at the same time. He is one of those artists where you immediatly recognise his work as being his, without him repeating a few signature tricks over and over again.

Rob has drawn the attention of the global techno scene big time lately, but newcomer might not be the best way to describe this multi talent. With more than 10 years of studio experience and countless releases under different aliases under his belt, this is definitely one of those raw diamonds that has remained hidden for far too long. But don’t worry, with recent releases on Oliver Huntemann’s ‘Ideal Audio’, Christian Smith’s ‘Tronic’, John Digweeds’ infamous ‘Bedrock’ label and his upcoming release on Dubfire’s ‘Sci+Tec’, he’s getting more eyes on him every time his music hits the stores.

Rob Hes on Soundcloud

2. “X,” by Bassjackers & Dyro, from Dance Essentials 2015, on Armada Music Bundles.

Dance Essentials 2015 - Armada Music


Marlon Flohr and Ralph van Hilst of the Netherlands are Bassjackers.


3. “New23,” by Arjuna Schiks, from New23/Lungo, on Parquet Recordings.

Arjuna Schiks

With his sincere charm and melodic tunes Arjuna brings a smile to the Dutch melodic house and techno scene. Like no other he knows how to stow a particular feel out of the speakers, seeping in your ears and unleashing emotions with his own distinctive melodic and energetic style. His productions move on the borders of deep house and tech-house, saturated with intense synths and melancholic storytelling melodies. Dark electronic elements get alternated with warm, dreamy sentiments, inciting people to both listen with their eyes closed and dance euphorically.

Arjuna has released original material on imprints such as Gem Records, Einmusika Recordings, Traum, Treibstoff, Wolfskuil and Burlesque Musique. His work is always met with raving reviews and his productions have already been remixed by the likes of Aril Brikha, Applescal and Nhar.

On stage Arjuna has made quite a name for himself with his live performances at clubs ands festivals such as Time Warp Holland, Loveland, Mysteryland, TrouwAmsterdam, Solar Norway, Kater Holzig and Wilde Renate. The list of cooperations to his name with live instrumentalists, film makers, poets and advertisers amongst others is also growing steadily, showcasing the broad diversity of his creative output. Appreciated for both his music and personality, Arjuna brightens up every dance floor he sets foot on.

4. “BK41,” by Spintribe, from BK41, on Joof V.2.





Igor & Andrey of Moscow, Russia are SpinTrib







Transgressive psychedelic lounge music production.  Spintribe project began in 2013 as collaboration of two acts from Moscow: Igor aka Tribal Walkers and Andrey aka Majestic 12. Before working together the guys actively released and performed at various festivals in Russia, Europe and USA.
Igor and Andrey have been in the trance scene since 2003 and have releases on JOOF rec, Shivlink rec, No Comment rec, KissTheSound rec, Planet Ben rec, Psytropic rec. Spintribe produces classical psychedelic progressive with atmospheric and minimalist elements built on endless experimentations with the baseline. Their multifaceted rhythmical structure, classical dance patterns with a tech-funky edge and a deep groovy vibe were highly appreciated by the listeners of their debut EP released on JOOF rec in December 2013.

SpinTribe on Soundcloud

5. “The Theme,” by Cosmic Gate, from Trance Top 1000 Selection, Vol. 1, on Armada Music Bundles.





The perfect union of musical minds, one karmic meeting in a recording studio resulted in Cosmic Gate’s Big Bang moment. It set brothers‐in-sound Nic Chagall and Bossi on a rapidly expanding path – one that’s seen them evolve into Germany’s most consistently successful electronic music duo. It’s catapulted their Cosmological productions to the highest reaches of the official sales charts and seen them remix the compositions of revered Hollywood composers such as ‘Avatar’s James Horner. Through their atomic on-stage synergism, Nic & Bossi have created countless unforgettable dance floor nights. They’ve sold out arenas & festival halls, conquered EDM capitals, hosted their own stages at major festivals and 10 years into their career became the highest climbers on DJ Mag’s Top 100 chart. Driven by their hugely received albums, club‐busting singles (incl. ‘Not Enough Time’, ‘Body of Conflict’ and ‘Over The Rainbow’) and scene-defining classics ‘Be Your Sound’, ‘Fire Wire’ and ‘Exploration of Space’, their place in EDM’s hall of fame has long been secured.

In 2011 – through their fifth artist album – the duo communicated a message to fans of border-free electronic music. The ‘Wake Your Mind’ maxim has since been embraced by untold thousands of clubbers and music lovers around the world, turning it into a groundswell movement. ‘WYM’ became the abbreviation‐of-choice for those wishing to exhibit a freethinking, more adaptable and advanced outlook to EDM. The album produced ‘Be Your Sound’ – a release which UK EDM bible MIXMAG said: “finally unseats ‘Fire Wire’ as Cosmic Gate’s best‐known-for track”. It scored an IDMA nom in 2012, with the JES-sung ‘Flying Blind’ following suit at the 2013 awards.

6. “Rio (DJ Alf Remix),” by DJ Ciaco, DJ Memory, Fonzie Ciaco, DJ Fonzie, & DJ Alf, from Rio, on EKO Sounds.


DJ Mongo Presents: DJ Zam of Hyderabad, India

DJ Zam

DJ Zam

I was introduced to DJ Zam via Twitter by our mutual contact, Radio Kaos Caribou out of Ermont, France.  I’m glad, because his set kicked my ass.  Zam delivers some old skool House and a heaping helping of Indie Dance/Nu Disco.  As I told Zam while I was listening to his set, I couldn’t turn my earbuds up loud enough!






Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans” John Lennon.

Being a DJ has taken me on a journey of discovery across cultures and through a variety of musical genres. I now feel as if I not only have an intimate knowledge of the very soul that inspired artistes across the years, but I also have a very real understanding of what people of diverse backgrounds and outlooks want when they are out clubbing. I think it was that innate understanding that gave me so many memorable gigs in clubs around Mumbai’s suburbs, working with Esoteric Acoustics. The ability to gauge an audience, know instinctively what it is feeling and what it is looking for – that is my forte. My console – an extension of myself Everyone sometimes wishes they had more limbs to do more things. I’m just glad for my console – it is an extension of who I am and it truly expresses the way I feel. It defines everything that motivates me, that gets the blood pumping in my veins and rocks my audience.

DJ Zam on Blogger

Soul MakossaShovell & The Latin HooligansSoul MakossaDefected20091176:27
La La Lah LahSamma LoneLa La Lah LahUptown BoogieNu Disco/Indie Dance20156:00
Song For OPurple Disco MachinePurple Pianos EPKittballTech House20151206:56
Soul PowerSpace EchoSoul Power/Space EchoLuv Shack RecordsDeep House20131217:05
Sunshine BoogieKenny Summit, James JordanPolyester AfrosGood For You RecordsHouse20131206:24
Scream For PleasureCroatia Squad, Me & My ToothbrushScream For PleasureEnormous TunesIndie Dance/Nu Disco20151216:07
Down In The HoleCorduroy MavericksSquare Peg EPDrop MusicHouse20121266:41
I Got Da FunkStefano Mango, DJ VittoTwo Got EP303 LoversTech House20131246:41
Can I Kick ItA Tribe Called QuestHits, Rarities & RemixesJiveHip Hop2007974:26
MoodywomanAnhangueraTime MachineMaracujaJackin House20156:57
Feel It (Thodoris Triantafillou & Freespirit Remix)Soul AvengerzFeel It EPLapsus MusicDeep House20151228:00
(Set Break)
Funky SpaghettiSimon Adams, Stefano MangoFunky SpaghettiGuesthouse MusicTech House20141247:18
Love Like ThisFreyLove Like ThisNo DefinitionIndie Dance/Nu Disco20151206:26
I Like Your BodyShiba SanAll About Booty EPCuffIndie Dance/Nu Disco20141216:25
Big BootyAndrussGoing Down EPHouse of HustleIndie Dance/Nu Disco20151206:18
Jus Dance (Dario D'Attis Remix)Mr. VSole Selections Volume 1Sole Channel MusicDeep House20151207:50
EminescenceVince WatsonEminescenceYoruba RecordsDeep House20151228:01
One Day (Vandaag) (Plastik Funk Remix)BakermatOne Day (Vandaag)b1Techno20141227:20













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