Welcome to the All New Mongoland Website

The mongoland website you know and love is being completely revamped.  I apologize for any inconvenience during the remodeling as I will be reconstructing it from the ground up.  I will try to bring it back up to speed with all the old content as soon as possible, but for starters I will be uploading the most current content first and then going backward to rebuild past content.

The New Podcast is Up and Running!

That’s right – and with a brand new episode to start things off.  This one hasn’t yet been aired so you Timeshifting Podcast Listeners will get 5 days of exclusive access to this new content before it is aired on the radio!  Just go to the top of the website (well, just below the artwork and the bit about the White Rabbit)  and click on the Podcast button and voila!  You’ll be timeshifting!

Live Content On The Rebel HD-2

Episode 001 of the Podcast = Episode 41 of The Mongoland Radio Show, and those keep going out live on http://therebelhd2.com every Friday Night from 8:00 – 10:00 PM PST (UTC-8).  That’s been the easiest and most regular way to hear me, but now the podcast probably is.

I also do a morning zoo type of show called The Morning Rebellion on the same station from 8:00 to 10:00 AM PST every Monday through Thursday.  We’ve been on hiatus since mid December but we’ll be starting back up on January 26.

Live Content on Radio KAOS Caribou Out of France

I also occasionally contribute to Radio KAOS Caribou out of Ermont, France.  In fact, I’ll be spinning a guest set on The Alex Milani Party & Friends Show on Radio KAOS Caribou this Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 9:00PM Italian time, which is 12:00 Noon PST (UTC-8).  You can listen online at http://rkc.noip.me.

I also appear on The DJ’s Dozen Squad on the same channel about once each month.  That’s a 12 Hour marathon of DJ sets from a small, global cadre of DJ’s on the First Friday of each month.

More Content on My Mixcloud Page

You can hear some of my recent contributions the Radio Kaos Caribou shows, as well as early episodes of the Mongoland Radio Show, and a Mixtape here and there, on my mixcloud page at http://mixcloud.com/djmongo.

These will all be included in the podcast feed, making it a universal collection and distribution feed for all my content.

Past Episodes of The Mongoland Radio Show Syndicating through PRX.org

As I recall, roughly Episodes 8 through about 35 of The Mongoland Radio Show are up and streaming on the Public Radio Exchange website at http://prx.org.  I stopped posting the new episodes there when I became inundated with the same security issues that caused me to stop adding content to the old website.  I expect what I’ll do is include the archival content into the podcast feed over time, mixed in with the current stuff.  This archival content will be differentiated both in the title and the show notes.  Have no fear.

Contact Me With Your Thoughts and Ideas

If you have some thoughts on what you’d like to see here on this site, drop me a line at mongo@mongoland.com with the subject line, “Mongoland Rebuild.”  If you go to the trouble of writing, I’ll go to the trouble of responding.

Thanks for listening, and I’ll see you on the radio!

— Mongo