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Welcome to the Mongoland Podcast

There was a Radio Show?

You may have heard the Mongoland Radio Show.  In case you haven’t, it was a weekly 2-hour electronic music show which showcased the latest and greatest in underground electronic music.  I hesitate to characterize it as EDM just because that term has come to refer to an offensively narrow subdomain of music.  It’s a club-style mix of music you won’t hear in clubs – at least not in Las Vegas.  It ran on KUNV 91.5FM Las Vegas from March of 2014 until July of 2018.  There were over 155 unique episodes.  In late July of 2018 KUNV eliminated much of its specialty programming, including all electronic music shows, in favor of smooth jazz.  Unfortunately, this is merely a symptom of a greater malady: radio is dead.

But this is a Podcast, right?

In any event, this is the Mongoland Podcast.  They’re both the same, right?   Not to nitpick, but there are some significant distinctions to point out.

  • First, I started the podcast after 40 episodes of the radio show, so Episode 001 of the Podcast = Episode 041 of the Radio Show.
  • Second, there came to be an indefinite time lag from the time of broadcast to the time of podcast.  Basically, I didn’t post the episodes right away to the podcast (a) because I didn’t have enough time to dedicate to both the radio show and the podcast, and (b) to encourage people to listen to the live radio show.
  • Now that the radio show is dead, I plan to begin uploading recordings of those episodes which thus far have not been uploaded.  If I finish that process, then I will consider recording some new episodes just for the podcast.

So where can I subscribe?

The podcast is for now available at  It’s also on iTunes and a bunch of other places.  But you don’t need to hunt for it.  Just visit the subscription page – the link is in the menu up above.

Thanks for listening, mind your karma, and maybe someday I’ll see you on the radio, but in the meantime, mongoland is online!

— Mongo